Is Beer Good For Your Teeth Health?

Is Beer Good For Your Teeth Health

Alcohol sales in the United States have been increasing in recent weeks (wonder why? ), which means that more and more people are kicking back, relaxing, and cracking open an excellent beer. Everyone understands that drinking too much alcohol is bad for your health, but what about your teeth? What effect does your favourite icy … Read more

Is It Safe To Eat Roe While Pregnant?

Is It Safe To Eat Roe While Pregnant

It can be difficult to determine what you can and cannot eat while pregnant, especially if you are a first-time mother over the age of 35. Many pregnant women question, “Is It Safe To Eat Roe While Pregnant? In this blog post, we will address that question and provide some ideas for eating a healthy … Read more

Can A Pregnant Woman Take Robitussin?

Can A Pregnant Woman Take Robitussin

Many Robitussin medicines on the market contain either dextromethorphan or guaifenesin as active components. These substances alleviate cough and cold symptoms. Guaifenesin is a stimulant. It thins pulmonary secretions and loosens phlegm (mucus). This makes your coughing more prolific. A productive cough will aid in the removal of the mucus that is causing chest congestion. … Read more

Does Vitamin C Safe For Fungal Acne?

Does Vitamin C Safe For Fungal Acne

Acne vulgaris, or just acne, is a common skin problem resulting in pimples and oily skin. Symptoms are experienced by up to 50% of adolescents and 15-30% of adults in North America. Acne is commonly treated with topical creams, medicines, diets, and supplements. Indeed, vitamin C is commonly added to many skincare products that claim … Read more

Can Sciatica Pain Cause Weight Loss?

Can Sciatica Pain Cause Weight Loss

Sciatica pain is caused by irritated, pinched, or compressed lower back nerves. Herniated or sliding discs impinge on the nerve root. With patience and self-care, most sciatica sufferers heal. What is sciatica? Sciatica is nerve pain caused by an injury or irritation to the sciatic nerve in the buttock/gluteal area. The sciatic nerve is the … Read more

What Is Jaw Surgery? Jaw Surgery Before And After Treatment

What Is Jaw Surgery

What is jaw surgery? Orthognathic (or-Thog-Nath-Ik) surgery is another name for jaw surgery. Corrective jaw surgery is performed to treat breathing issues and other functional issues caused by various skeletal and dental defects. A board-certified oral and maxillofacial surgeon performs this operation (OMS). Its purpose is to improve oral function by altering the jaw and … Read more

Is Turmeric Good For Your Eye Health?

Is Turmeric Good For Your Eye Health

Are you unfamiliar with turmeric? While you may not have a jar of the spice in your pantry, you are probably familiar with it. It is responsible for the bright colors of mustard and curry. While turmeric adds golden colour to meals, it also has anti-inflammatory effects that assist your health. What is turmeric? Turmeric … Read more

Is Rebounding Bad? 11 Negative Side Effects of Rebounding

Is Rebounding Bad

What is rebounding? Rebounding is an aerobic workout that involves leaping on a mini-trampoline. Jumps can be quick or slow, and they can be interspersed with rest or aerobic stepping. Rebounding, among other things, can help develop the muscles in your legs, boost your endurance, and strengthen your bones. This exercise is gaining popularity because … Read more

Food That Makes People Sick Often

Food That Makes People Sick Will Often

Food that makes people sick has a rough appearance, loses taste, changes colour, smells bad, and is polluted. People become ill as a result of contaminated food. Contaminated food is toxic to both humans and animals. However, several factors can make food hazardous; although some are manageable, others may necessitate the disposal of such food. … Read more

Does Phentermine Affect Your Period?

Does Phentermine Affect Your Period

Periods are a real nuisance, but they are a necessary part of life, and most women prefer the predictability of a monthly cycle. Unfortunately, some female phentermine users report early, late, missed, heavy, or particularly unpleasant periods, or spots, while on this medicine. Although menstrual abnormalities are not officially recognized as a phentermine side effect, … Read more