Over 30 Board Games for Kids

Board games for kids are ways we get to connect with our kids regardless of their age or numbers. Most people don’t know this hence they drift further and further away from their kids without even knowing it. Kids sure do love fun and love to play a lot.

Why don’t you take advantage of this as a parent to get to know your kids better than you already do? I sure do love a little competition with the kids. I might even say I’m addicted to board games at this point.

Board Games for Kids

What exactly are board games for kids. You don’t need to stress yourself on what board games for kids are. They are simply board games meant for kids. Sure, there are also board games for adults but right now we are talking about kids. Because of the pandemic, we are spending way more time at home than usual and we get to spend those time with our kids as a parent.

Board Games for Kids
Board Games for Kids

If you are looking for indoor dun, then board games are where you need to be. Of course, you can also play these games digitally. In fact, all you have you have to do is download the game on your iPad or smartphone and start playing. But I think the best fun can only come from playing it locally on a board.

10 Board Games for Kids

If I keep going, there are tons and tons of games I could keep listing. I mean I you had a really playful childhood you would be able to name tons of games you played as a kid. Well, in this article, I would only be talking about ten of the best. Furthermore, if you still want some game ideas, I would make a list of other board games too but I won’t be talking about them. Here are ten of the best board games for kids.

  • Snail’s Pace Race.
  • Dinosaur Escape.
  • Trouble.
  • Sequence for Kids.
  • Super Mario Monopoly.
  • The Genius Square.
  • Zingo.
  • Qwirkle.
  • Surprise Slides.
  • Trivial Pursuit Family Edition.

Let’s take a look at what these games are about then I name tons of other games you kids may find interesting.

Snail’s Pace Race

This game is one of the best because it is very easy to set up and can be a lot of fun for both you and your kids. All you have to do is roll the dice with the color of your snail and keep advancing till you get to the finish line. You have to be careful not to roll someone else dice otherwise they may beat you to the finish line.

Dinosaur Escape

This is a great cooperative board game for kids to try out. This game is super fun to play even if your kids don’t like dinosaurs. To play the game, you have to use a little memory and logic to get all the dinosaurs to safety before the volcano blows up.


Trouble is one of the easiest games for four-year-old to understand and be capable of playing. This game helps your kids to recognize the numbers and symbols while moving from space to space. Sometimes, when we land on the wrong square, our piece can be taken back to the beginning. Patience and losing is also a great skill that can be learned from this game.

Sequence for Kids

Sequence is a game to help your kids understand the importance of strategic thinking. No reading is required for this game to be played and it’s pretty easy to pick up the rules. This game is also great for card lovers.

Super Mario Monopoly

If you’ve played monopoly before, you would understand that monopoly can be a little complicated for kids. That’s why we have a super Mario monopoly. Super Mario monopoly simplifies things for kids when it comes to playing monopoly. After getting better at this, then your kid would be able to play monopoly effectively.

The Genius Square

The genius square is another amazing board game that you kids would easily get the hang of. All you have to do is roll a dice and place in wooden pieces. The goal of the game is to fill in the missing spaces using the different available puzzle pieces.


This is an easy game to learn for your kids. It effectively helps your kids build good language skills by matching simple words together with their images. The instructions are pretty easy to understand.


Qwirkle is a game the helps your kids think ahead. With strategic planning and methodical moving, your kids can easily dominate this game. Well, this doesn’t mean this game is complicated. The game rules are quite easy to understand even for absolute beginners.

Surprise Slides

This game is very similar to chutes and ladders but it’s way better for kids. In this classic version of the game, when you spin a switch, the board switches, and everything changes again. This is a great alternative to the traditional chutes and ladder you may already know of.

Trivial Pursuit Family Edition

The trivial pursuit family edition is another amazing game for your kids as it sharpens their intelligence. This game encourages your kids to read, learn and engage more with the around them.

20 Board Games for Kids

Here are some more board games for your kids.

  • Jenga.
  • Don’t Break the Ice.
  • Let’s go Fishin’.
  • Ticket to Ride First Journey.
  • Charades for Kids.
  • Eboo Memory Matching Game.
  • Candy Land.
  • Guess Who.
  • Twister.
  • Battleship.
  • Drone Home.
  • Hedbanz.
  • Ice Cool.
  • Vegas Dice Game.
  • Snail Print.
  • Otrio.
  • 5 Minute Marvel.
  • Silly Street.
  • Beat That!
  • Connect 4 Shots.

All of the games listed in this article are board games and are all available on amazon if you wish to purchase any of them.

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