How to get iMessage on Windows

The term iMessage on Windows refers to a messaging app for iPhone that doesn’t require paying for service charge. Though the iMessage feature can only be accessed from only on Windows 10. But non-iOS users can use a simulator to run the app on their devices.

As you already know the regular SMS messaging app, the iMessage is a more developed built-in messaging app for iOS devices. The iMessage can be downloaded on PC, Mac, and Windows 10. It is listed among the list of most highly rated and popular applications in the technology world today.

iMessage on Windows
iMessage on Windows

iMessage on Windows

The launch of iMessage for PC has provided users with numerous features which include an app store, safari browser, and many others. Launching the iOS iMessage app on windows has brought more life and comfort to the communication reign. Your messages can be saved even if deleted by mistake and can be recovered back. The iMessage has a lot of features I will be explaining in the next heading below.

Features of iMessage for Windows

Here are some of the features that would be coming with iMessage for windows.

  • Sharing media and other files: The iMessage app allows users to share images, videos, graphics, audio, and live locations with their friends.
  • Versatility: This app can be used for almost all Apple services. To connect to other non-iPhone friends, you can use the iMessage for windows to connect and communicate with them.
  • Effects: There are customizing effects on the app.
  • Sync messages: Messages sent via the iMessage are synced automatically to the mail ID and stored in the cloud.

There are many other enticing features you will enjoy will using the iMessage app to communicate and connect to other people.

iMessage on your Windows PC

“iMessage on Windows” Like said earlier, the iMessage is an iOS app. There is no available version for android and windows. This means you will be required to download an iOS simulator beforehand. One of the most used iOS simulators is the iPadian.

iMessage Download via iPadian Simulator

As said, iPadian is rated among the best iOS simulator for non iOS device users. Using iMessage on windows is possible using the following steps;

  • Install the iPadian emulator on your device. You can get that through the site
  • Launch the app on your PC.
  • Your device will be looking like the Mac OS PC.
  • Click on the search icon and search for iMessage.
  • Install the iMessage on your device within the iPadian app.
  • Then launch the iMessage online.
  • Provide your Apple ID and password.

With these steps, you should be ready to use your iMessage on your non-Mac OS pc. Remember you will always have to launch the iPadian app to access the iMessage app.

iMessage Online

iMessage is one of the leading most used apps in the field of technology. This app is mainly developed for iOS and Mac OS users. And it is quite easy to get the iMessage online for your Mac OS.

How to use the iMessage Online on Mac

Follow the steps below to use iMessage online on your macOS PC.

  • Open a web browser (safari should be the better browser for this).
  • Then go to the iTunes website.
  • After which you type “iMessage” on the search bar and press enter.
  • From the lists of apps, install the iMessage app on your Mac PC.
  • Then log in with your Apple iPhone ID and password otherwise follow the procedure and provide the required information to create a new ID.

iMessage should now be ready on your device.

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