Fruit Puree vs Fruit Concentrate & Health Benefits

This post will look at the difference between fruit concentrates and purees. As we all know, fruits and vegetables play a vital role in the dietary pyramid and are essential for health and fitness. This food group meets a portion of the body’s demand for minerals and a variety of vitamins, antioxidants, and other nutrients. Concentrate and fruit puree are commonly used as concentrated food products in the creation of fruit juices. Fruit syrups are widely used as a common beverage because fresh fruits are not always available, but these beverages can be used at different times.

Fruit Puree

If you’re not sure what a puree is, it’s most likely what your “100% fruit smoothie” is made of. Fruits and vegetables are processed at extremely high temperatures before being coarsely strained to remove pulp, stems, and skins from the liquid. Unfortunately, the majority of the fibre present in fruits like mangoes is located in the pulp. Not to mention that the high temperatures destroy many of the vitamins and enzymes that give fruits their nutritious value. How does that “100% fruit” sound?

Fruit Puree vs Fruit Concentrate & Health Benefits
Fruit Puree vs Fruit Concentrate & Health Benefits

Juices and Concentrates

While concentrates and juices are not always the same as finished goods, they both began as fruits and eventually went through various processing. This may entail extremely high temperatures for pasteurization, dilution, and reverse osmosis. Various sugars are then added repeatedly during the process to guarantee that the finished product tastes “excellent.” What was once fresh fruit juice has now devolved into a nutritionally devoid, sugar-laden beverage.

The negative aspect of these methods is that the sugars and other added substances are disguised on the nutritional label as “fruit pure.” Because the sugars were added during the process of creating purees and juices, they are not reported on the Nutrition Facts label under the “Added Sugars” line. This approach makes it difficult for those with food allergies to feel confident that their meal is free of allergens.

Fruit puree vs. Fruit concentration

By concentrating the fruit and juice, removing the water, and retaining the beneficial elements of the fruit, the weight and volume are greatly decreased, and it is approximately 3 to 7 times thicker, making it easier to transport. Furthermore, the cost of consumption is lowered. Furthermore, by adding water solvent, fruit and juice concentrate readily returns to its natural state. It is ready to consume and may be stored for a longer time at average temperatures.

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