Does Cupping Therapy Help In Weight Loss

If you’ve successfully tried crash diets and workout programs, it might be time to investigate cupping for weight loss. In recent years, Cupping has been an increasingly popular kind of alternative therapy treatment with spectacular weight loss outcomes.

How come I’m not losing weight?

Many people’s metabolisms begin to deteriorate in their mid-to-late-twenties. We begin to lose muscle mass and brown fat, two highly crucial fat-burning structures. As a result, our cells no longer use food energy as efficiently as before. On the other hand, Cupping therapy can really repair these metabolic functions in your body. This ancient Chinese medication encourages weight loss through entirely natural means.
Does Cupping Therapy Help In Weight Loss
Does Cupping Therapy Help In Weight Loss
According to new research, cupping treatments can help to prevent the onset of obesity. On all counts, subjects lose weight, have a lower BMI, and have a lower body fat percentage. It’s no surprise that the once-exotic procedure is now making its way into the mainstream. But, before you sign up for a cupping therapy program, here’s everything you need to know about cupping for weight reduction.

What is cupping?

Cupping has been practiced in Chinese society for over 2000 years. The first record of cupping dates back to 281 AD. People employed animal horns for cupping therapies during this period. Bamboo and pottery cups were boiled in herbal solutions before being applied to the skin during the Qing period. The most frequent cup style today is the little glass domes seen at health and wellness centers worldwide.

How Cupping helps in weight loss

Cupping boosts your metabolism by reducing blood stagnation. As we age, our circulatory system diminishes, interfering with blood flow. This is referred to as blood stasis or “dampness” in the traditional Chinese language. Stagnant blood obstructs the delivery of new blood to cells, tissues, and organs. This causes them to become metabolically inefficient over time. Cupping therapy relaxes connective tissue and dilates capillaries, allowing freshly oxygenated blood to flow into the application area. This promotes cell growth and repair while also speeding up metabolism. Simultaneously, this action flushes stagnant blood through the lymphatic system, carrying waste and ruptured fat cells with it. Cupping is unique because it can influence tissues up to four inches beneath the epidermis. Because it can eliminate visceral fat snuggled around your internal organs, it is one of the most excellent deep-tissue therapies available.

Using acupoints to hack the body

The placement of cups is not haphazard. Depending on their goals, practitioners place the cups on specially selected acupressure sites along our meridian channels. Our bodies, according to TCM, have 12 meridian channels that transmit blood and energy to all organs. These channels are where our acupressure sites are placed, each corresponding to a distinct biological function. By placing a cup on a specific acupressure point, we can target or “hack” that function. This can have a wide range of benefits for your metabolism, digestive system, respiratory system, etc.

The process and treatment of Cupping

Cupping treatments begin with the warming of cups over a flame. This creates a vacuum, which creates suction when applied to your skin. Suction loosens connective tissue, allowing fresh blood to enter the region. Of course, an open flame should never be utilized anyplace it could scorch you. Nonetheless, the thought of heated cups can be frightening! It’s no wonder that heatless suction cups are becoming more popular. These are equipped with rubber valves that manually pump out air without the need for heat.

What other uses does Cupping have?

Cupping’s ability to increase blood flow has various benefits and eliminates fat cells. Cupping has been used as an alternative treatment by athletes such as Michael Phelps. The reason: Cupping aids in the relief of musculoskeletal discomfort, hastening healing after injury and strain. Face cupping, which promotes blood flow to the facial tissue and helps smooth fine lines and wrinkles, has also been praised by celebrities like Kim Kardashian.

Is it going to leave any unattractive marks?

The cups will likely leave prominent, round marks on your skin after your cupping session. Don’t worry: these cupping marks are painless, but they also serve as a sign of how severe your stagnation is. The darker the mark, the greater the amount of stagnation. These innocuous markings will lessen within a week of treatment before totally disappearing. Regular cupping treatments should result in the markings being lighter faster. Other signs indicating the presence of toxins may appear on the treated skin. They can take the form of black patches, purpura, minute blisters, or tiny dots. Blisters, for example, are a symptom of collected fluids in the tissues.

How usually does cupping therapy have to be performed before benefits are visible?

Like any other natural weight-loss method, Cupping does not produce rapid effects. Because everyone acquires and loses weight differently, the amount of weight lost differs from person to person. The number of sessions needed to see apparent effects is determined by how your body adjusts to the program.

What are the advantages of Cupping?

  • Weight Loss: Using cups on the proper meridian channels loosens the tissue and unblocks stagnant circulation. As a result, your metabolism is restored to more efficient levels.
  • Improved Digestion: People who have uncontrollable appetites may discover that their hunger is lowered to more tolerable levels after a cupping treatment. Cupping also improves bowel movements, indigestion, heartburn, and bloating by restoring the body’s digestive functions.
  • Stubborn Fat Reduction: Cupping can also be used to target the stubborn fats around your waist, thighs, and upper arms. Because Cupping targets your deep tissues, it can also efficiently reach visceral fat located at a deeper level. The fats are dissolved and eliminated via the lymphatic system.
  • Overall Relaxation: The advantages of Cupping go beyond weight loss. Like a deep-tissue massage, Cupping treatment relieves physical and emotional tension in your body.

When should you avoid cupping?

While Cupping is a comprehensive approach, there are occasions when it is advisable to avoid cupping therapy. This is especially true for persons with skin problems like edema or skin ulcers or prone to them. If you are being treated for hemophilia or another bleeding problem, you may be more prone to bruising. To be safe, get the advice of a practitioner before beginning a cupping therapy program.

Some steps you should take after cupping therapy

Like any other weight loss approach, Cupping therapy will only be sustained if combined with a nutritious diet.
  • Adopt healthy eating habits, such as eating regular meals and low-fat foods, for the best outcomes. Here’s a quick list of foods to avoid while on a weight loss cupping program:
  • Carbohydrates that have been processed, such as oats
  • Processed and preserved foods
  • Seeds and nuts
  • Fruit juices and sugared or carbonated beverages
  • Fruits heavy in fat and sugar, such as durian and mango
  • Beef, pork, and mutton are examples of red meats.

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