5 Things to be Proud of in Your Life Right Now

What are 5 things to be proud of right now in your life? You may not even be able to name one probably because you’re in a really bad place right now. Well, to help keep you a little motivated, I would be telling you 5 things that you can really be proud of at every moment in your life. Motivation has a big role to play in everyone’s success story even if you believe it or not. One of the most effective ways to motivate oneself is to look back and reflect on our pasts. The choices we made, the challenges, the achievements, and even the things we’ve lost to get to that very point in our lives.

5 Things to be Proud Of
5 Things to be Proud Of

5 Things to be Proud Of

You probably won’t be reading this article if you aren’t feeling down or just want to find out if you are truly worthy to be proud of. Well, whatever the circumstances are if you’re living your life in the right direction, there’s always something for you to be proud of. This article titled 5 things to be proud of is nothing but just words to encourage, motivate you and show you just how far you’ve come. We are all humans and constantly looking for some means of self-validation. Sometimes we aren’t even aware that we are looking for self-validation.

What it Means to Be Proud

Most people have lost the meaning of what it means to be proud. Well, getting a little proud can’t hurt anyone now, can it? Being proud of yourself doesn’t mean raising your shoulders above others. It simply means taking into consideration all you’ve accomplished up until this point. When I say taking consideration into all you’ve accomplished, I mean both the small and the big accomplishments. I am not just also referring to career goals, I am talking about every way you’ve developed yourself and it includes personal growth.

What are 5 Things You Can Be Proud Of

Well, here is a little list I made of 5 things that you can be proud of;

  • How far you’ve come.
  • The choices you made.
  • Every time you’ve made someone smile.
  • Your desire to improve and be better.
  • All the milestones you reached and the goals you’ve completed.

Just looking at this list, most people may already be thinking they’ve lost the right to be proud simply because they think they’ve messed up in some of these areas. Well, just to say you can always be proud of the good you’ve done and the improvements you’ve made. I would just go on a little longer to help you see you can be proud of these things in your life too.

How Far You’ve Come

This is one thing even losers can be proud of. If you think you are a total loser, I want you to think again and reconsider. Take a look at your life and see where you are now. The obstacles you’ve overcome, the challenges you survived. Your life may not be at the best place right now but somewhere along the line, you may have overcome bigger obstacles. Sometimes, we just need a little push to keep going further and I hope this piece of article can do that for you.

The Choices you Made

Only you can be proud of the choices you make. Even if you were pointed in the direction of making the choice, still made the choice yourself. Fun fact no one can be forced into making a choice except through blackmail which I highly doubt would be your case at the moment. You may be thinking how can I be proud of my bad choices? Well, I will tell you something and that is no one is perfect. We all make bad choices and all those bad choices and the good choices we made all add up together to make up who we are now. Making bad choices serves as a lesson learned if you are really paying attention. I mean there’s no way you are bound to make the same wrong choice twice except you’re just being dumb. Sure, you would have wished to change your choices at certain points in time but we all have to live with our choices.

Every Time You’ve Made Someone Smile

At some time, maybe when we were younger, we’ve made someone truly smile. I don’t mean the fake smiles, I mean true happiness they felt at the moment they smiled. That’s one thing we can look back on and be proud of. “5 Things to be Proud of” Life is full of ups and downs, sometimes it feels good and other times let’s just say we hoped for better. The happy memories in between those ups and downs are what make life just so precious and we should be proud of it.

Your Desire to be Improve and be Better

You reflecting on your life right now by reading this article is a sign that you want to improve and be better. You should be proud of even reading this piece of article. You should be proud of all the times you hit a stumbling block and kept on pushing. It’s all a sign you want to grow. All the times you decided not to give in to fate and pushed further above all odds. You should be proud of that. Even if you failed in the end, the zeal you had is something most people don’t give and you should be proud of.

All the Milestones you Reached and the Goals You’ve Completed

Like I said in this article, you should always write down a set of predetermined goals for yourself. If you have a list of those goals, just go over the list and see which you’ve accomplished. That’s one thing to be truly proud of. If you don’t have a list of things you accomplished, just think back and reflect upon yourself. I’m sure somewhere in your memories, you would find something you can be proud of no matter the situation you are in at the moment.


The point of this article is that you should be proud of yourself no matter the situation you find yourself in. Being true to yourself is something that would easily get you out of emotional challenges. Thank you for reading this article “5 Things to be Proud of” and hope I see you again soon. I really liked what stevenwebb said too, you can read his article here.

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