10 Relationship Building Games Every Couple Should Try

What are relationship building games? Relationship building games are simply games that help rekindle a lost spark between you and a person. These games can even improve your relationships or bonds between two or more people. When it comes to building relationships or improving bonds, creating memories is almost the only way to do that. Spending more time together, going outdoors, texting, and even having an amazing home night is a great way to improve on bonds.

Relationship Building Games

If you want to improve your relationship with your partner, I would be showing you ten different games you can take advantage of today. I assure you that these games would help you create memorable moments for you both. Some of the games I would be listing can be played over text while others have to be in person.

If you’ve never given a try to relationship building games before, you may be wondering how these games would help you improve your relationship. For starters, relationship building games would help you instantly communicate with one another directly in an indirect manner.

Relationship Building Games
Relationship Building Games

You know how it is sometimes when you want to ask your spouse a question but you are scared, they might take it the other way or just end the conversation, well, these games can get you to ask the question.

Some of you might even be talking to your spouse all day long but the truth is “are you really talking about something important?”. You know those moments of truths you have with your partners which help you get to know them better? That’s what these relationship building games are bringing you.

10 Relationship Builder Games to Give a Try

While there are tons of relationship building games out there that you can play with you partner, I’ve taken the time to bring out the top ten that would really help you a lot.

  • Two truths and a lie.
  • 90 questions.
  • One-word answer.
  • This or that.
  • Truth or dare.
  • Eyes on you.
  • Question of the day.
  • Drinking roulette.
  • Scrabble.
  • Team collage.

Since we established the games we could play, let’s talk about how each of them can help you and how to play.

Two Truths and a Lie

This is one of the far simplest games to get started with your partner. This game would really test the limits on how much you think you know your partner. Want to know how the game is played? Well, it’s exactly what the name described. To play the game, you and your partner would have to take turns. While taking turns, you make three statements.

Two of the statements would have to be true while the last one would be a lie. Your partner has to say which the lie is. You don’t have to be scared making wrong guesses since there won’t be much fun if you don’t get a few choices wrong. It could be played over text or face to face. It really up to you to decide.

90 Questions

The 90 questions game is another fun game that can be played over text too. This game is also one of my favorites since it doesn’t require a lot of thinking like two truths and a lie. To play this game, you have to make a list of ninety different questions on whichever area you like.

If you are feeling too lazy to make ninety questions, you can simply search for 90 questions for couples on google and get a different list of questions. Go over the questions you find and decide which one to use. After deciding, this is where the fun comes in. Taking turns, you pick a question you want your partner to answer. Remember that no matter what the question is, you have to answer truthfully or you might just be breaking your relationship.

One-word Answer

When it comes to relationship building games, the one-word answer is one of the best ways to convey feelings both directly and indirectly. This game has a very unique concept that can be transformed into a variety of things. This game can be used to determine if a person likes you (not in a relationship) or tell your love story (already in a relationship).

This concept can also be used to share your feelings and thoughts with your partner or someone you like. To play the game, you ask your partner a question and ask them to reply with the very first word that comes to their mind and then you follow up by taking turns replying.

Remember the replies have to be limited to one word. One word could mean a lot of things. From there, you can proceed into talking about why they feel that way as much or as little as you like. I really find a lot of fun playing this game as it tends to reveal hidden truths.

This or That

This is another great relationship building game. This or that is a great way to get to know your partner better. This game is somehow similar to two truths and a lie. This game is directly targeted at new couples or those that just fell in love. To play this game you and your partner have to take turns naming two words or sentences that are connected in some way.

It should look something like “cats or dogs?” and then your partner would have to reply which one he or she prefers. Remember you have to take turns and you can get really creative here. You can also try to guess what your partner would choose before they choose.

Truth or Dare

I’m sure everyone literally knows how to play truth or dare. Well, it has some features like 90 questions but the fun part here is that you can get your partner to do almost anything with dares. Truth or dare is one relationship building games I find a ton of fun playing. It’s very easy to play but also remember you take turns too.

To play the game, ask your partner to choose between “Truth” or “Dare”. If your partner chooses “Truth”, then they have to answer truthfully to any question you ask. If they pick “Dare” they have to do anything you dare them to do or face a predefined penalty. Dare could get really risky but it shouldn’t be much of a risk with your partner.

Eyes on You

I’m pretty sure you would have heard of a staring contest from SpongeBob or some other place. Eyes on you is a lot like a staring contest. Unlike a staring contest, the aim of this game is to maintain long prolonged contact with your spouse or partner. This exercise is one that would get you more intimate with your partner.

Why people tend to lock eyes with each other frequently, holding another person’s gaze is something quite rare. If you’re a romantic, there’s a lot you could see from one person’s eyes. To play this game, ask your partner to lock eye contact with you and set a timer for the length of the contact (it could be thirty seconds). When the timer runs out, take a break and go at it again.

Question of the Day

Question of the day is another fast relationship building game. This exercise should help tame your partner into sharing ideas and be more open. To play this game, you pick a bunch of questions and then ask one everyday till they run out. When the question for the day is asked, you and your partner have to answer to that particular question. This would eventually give you and your spouse an open idea of what they want and how they see things.

Drinking Roulette

While this might sound like a get together or party game, this can be as much of a romantic game too. To play this game, simply grab two glasses with drinks in them (it could be water). While taking turns, make a statement you think is true about your ex. If you are correct, your partner would take a drink but if you are wrong, you would have to take the drink. So, you see, there’s almost no way to avoid punishment but you can try to avoid as much as possible.


Scrabble is another fun way to improve relationships. If you don’t know how to play this game, I have a detailed guide on how to play it here. This is a fun game to be played especially during game nights. To make this game more fun, I suggest you make your own rules. For instance, you can decide to make your own words like a scene in Netflix’s popular series “You”. You can also decide to stick to only relationship words or romance words… Your choice.

Team Collage

Collaborating with your partner to make amazing collages can be a fun way to build relationships. You can decide to make collages of both your picture and hers. It could also be a versatile collage to test your creativity with you and your partner. After the collage is completed, it can be framed and placed in personal or public spaces. Whenever each of you looks at that collage, you’d definitely remember a fun moment for both you and your partner. This is one of the ways to build long-lasting relationships.


I really hope you find a game that is suitable to play with your partner here and also have a ton of fun playing. That would be all for now. I hope to see you soon and thanks for reading “Relationship Building Games”. You can also try the better topics game on google play store or the iOS app store.

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