10 High-Paying Jobs in Electrical Engineering

Electrical engineers are tasked with several responsibilities that have improved the world till this time and through this article, you will get more information on 10 High-Paying Jobs in Electrical Engineering. Well, there are several career prospects in the field of Electrical engineering that individuals who have acquired a degree should get involved in to get a well-paid salary.

10 High-Paying Jobs in Electrical Engineering

Having a degree does not actually necessarily mean that you already have a job except you make a choice on a job that will get you a well-paid salary and that applies to the field of electrical engineering. Moreso, there are skills, responsibilities, and qualifications needed to get a high-paying job as an electrical engineer, and in this content, as you read further, you will get more enlightenment.

10 High-Paying Jobs in Electrical Engineering
10 High-Paying Jobs in Electrical Engineering

Systems Engineer:

System Engineers are individuals who are highly experienced and they make use of software engineering and also advanced maths concepts for the purpose of designing, implementing, and managing computer systems, servers, and several other electrical hardware. Meanwhile, they have a goal that seeks to increase workplace productivity and they earn an average salary of about $60k-13k per year.

Software Engineer:

Software Engineers are experts that make use of excellent advanced skills in maths and computer science principles in order to design and create applications and computer systems software. They are also found in several industries for the purpose of developing operating systems, business applications, network control systems, and also computer games, and their salary is up to $$72k-200k per year.

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Applications Engineer:

Application engineers are professionals that offer their support for the designing and development process in order to turn a software concept into reality through the use of standpoints for the purpose of advancing products. With the aid of their services, applications have been conducted, software testing and drive modification and improvement. Also, they are open to earning an average salary of up to $61k-120k per year.

Electronics Design Engineer:

An Electronics design engineer is an individual who is well-experienced and is responsible for creating, developing, and also producing new cutting-edge electronic equipment. Moreso, some of the tasks that they are involved in include evaluating, maintaining, and improving electronic devices and systems like global positioning systems devices, satellites, broadcast, portable music players, and more and they also earn an annual salary of about $118,726 per year.

Communication Engineer:

This set of professionals which are the Communication engineers are involved in carrying out tasks that revolve around equipment for communications and systems that are needed for designing, establishing, testing, and also set up.

It is regarded as a major that is very specialized in electronics communication engineering and some of the top industries where these experts can work include computing and internet technologies, radio networks, and commonly telecommunications. Moreover, they earn an average salary of about $94,104 and $110,954.

Production Engineer:

Production engineers are specialized engineers that actually oversee and increase the production of plants manufacturing, and also factories through the process of drafting protocols for safety and most importantly establishing various strategies for the purpose of increasing machine efficiency and profits. Well, they require a working knowledge of CAD software, a degree in engineering, a professional license, and earn an average salary of about $61k-110k per year.

Computer Hardware Engineer:

These are well-experienced professionals that are known for creating computer systems and their talks involve working on new designs, making research developing, and testing new creations such as circuit boards, routers, and memory devices. However, home appliances, automobiles, and devices for medical diagnosis are actually some of the product benefits acquired from the output of a hardware engineer. Also, they earn an average salary that is about $81k-190k per year.

Digital Signal Processing Engineer:

Digital Signal Processing (DSP) engineers are exporters that actually install, offer support, and convert digital signals for videos, audio, and pressure. Moreover, they also carry out other tasks such as the designing of hardware, like microprocessors and controllers. Well, they are known for working in several organizations such as the space domain, medical imaging, telecommunication, and other related field and they earn an average salary which is up to $124,886 per year.

Machine Learning Engineer:

Machine learning engineering is actually considered to be one of the top-earning career paths in electrical engineering and in order for you to be classified as one you will certainly need a degree in maths, statistics, computer science, or a Master’s degree in Machine Learning, neural networks or other related fields.

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Furthermore, Machine Learning (ML) engineer actually builds, invent and also design automated predictive models with self0-running artificial intelligence (AI) systems. Well, having this kind of career tends to be very beneficial, and also, they earn a salary that is about $121,788 per year.

Hardware Design Engineer:

Hardware design engineers are professionals who are known to be well-experienced and who create and also develop electronic components that include circuit boards and processors that are needed for computers and also other electronic devices for the main purpose of meeting the needs of the customers.

However, these experts are expected to know the firmware languages such as C++, VHDL, and Verilog to program and debug hardware components. Meanwhile, individuals who want to apply for this position need a Master’s degree in Manufacturing Engineering or Design engineering and they earn an average salary that is up to $106,967 per year.

Frequently Asked Questions

This section of the article will be providing some of the frequent questions that are been asked by users about 10 High-Paying Jobs in Electrical Engineering done you to have more understanding.

Which job is best for an electrical engineer?

Below are some of the job options that are best for electrical engineers.

  • CAD Technician.
  • Control and instrumentation.
  • Design engineer.
  • Electrical engineer.
  • Electronics engineer.
  • Nuclear engineer.
  • Sound engineer.
  • Special effects technician.

What are some side hustles for engineers?

Below are some of the side hustles that engineers can consider.

  • Create online courses.
  • Become a part-time tutor.
  • Work as a repairperson.
  • Start a blog.
  • Offer consulting services.
  • Work as a freelance technical writer.
  • Take on contractor jobs.
  • Create products and then sell them online.

What are the 3 major fields of electrical engineering?

Well, there are actually three major fields of electrical engineering and they include space systems engineering, electrical engineering, and telecommunications engineering.

Is electrical engineering the hardest degree?

Well, students consider electrical engineering to be the toughest major mostly because of the abstract thinking involved. Moreso, with majors like civil engineering, you can visually see the effect of what you are designing.

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