10 High Paying Jobs in Business Administration

Having the opportunity to get into a lucrative field is through pursuing a career in business and through his content you will get valid information on 10 High Paying Jobs in Business Administration. It is very important to learn about several categories of high-paying jobs in the business sector to know the one that will be very beneficial for you and as you read on you will get more understanding.

10 High Paying Jobs in Business Administration

Business administration is actually regarded as the management of a company in simple terms and it is a very important field in the everyday life of individuals. Going further, having a good degree in Business Admiration tends to be helpful for lots of individuals and what is very beneficial having a good career, and as you read further you will get more understanding.

10 High Paying Jobs in Business Administration
10 High Paying Jobs in Business Administration

Business Development Specialist:

Business Development Specialists are individuals regarded as experts that are tasked to identify potential areas for the growth of businesses and also develop strategies and plans that will help in the promotion of an organization’s advancement. Going further, there are some situations where getting involved in the proves of optimizing strategies in marketing in order to successfully reach and persuade new customers or engage current customers and they earn a yearly salary that is up to $52,500 per year.

Account Manager:

Accounts Managers are regarded as professionals in the business that observe and then also engage in the possible relationships that have begun between a business and its customers. Furthermore, they are also known to carry out tasks that involve taking a good analysis of the needs of customers and ensuring that they know the ability of how the organization can be able to meet that needs. Well, their tasks involve customers survey or several other data collection methods, and their average salary is up to $28k-110k per year.

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An Accountant is a financial expert that keeps and also interprets the financial records of various clients and they also make preparations for tax returns for clients also in order to assist them to keep good economic standing. Going further, they work with several organizations, to ensure that they monitor the financial risk, and others, and earn an annual salary that is up to $42k-76k per year.

Social Media Manager:

Social Media Managers have experienced individuals that are given the responsibility of standing as a representative for a company across social media channels and also platforms. Moreso, their help several organizations develop an authentic voice and then display it consistently across the digital presence of the organizations and they earn an average salary of about $47,977 per year.

Compliance Officer:

A Compliance Officer is an individual regarded as an expert who ensures the processes and procedures of a company that is able to meet legal standards. Moreover, they also make sure that all business areas are able to meet internal standards for quality, performance, and also safety and their average salary for a year is about $39k-120k per year.

Investment Analyst:

An investment analyst is an individual that collects information and then analyzes the markets in order to get assets that are specific which include stocks, bonds, commodities, and then currencies. Furthermore, these professionals often have their focus on several areas that are specific such as an industry, region, or asset class in order to become a good expert in their required specialty and they earn a salary that is up to $49k-1409k per year.

Risk Manager:

A Risk Manager is someone who analyzes several potential risks on behalf of an organization and then provides strategy and support in order to lower risk and then optimize opportunity. Going further, this set of professionals may establish risk models in order to understand financials, operational and market risks, and operational and market risks that are aligned with several, decisions in business and they earn an average salary that is up to $124,727 per year.

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Marketing Manager:

A Marketing Manager is an individual that develops and carryout strategies in cross-platform marketing for the purpose of connecting with both existing and new customers and also including the maximization of profit. Meanwhile, they also analyze pending strategies and desired markets in order to know several areas for growth and improvement and earn an average salary that is up to $45k-95k per year.

Investment Banker:

An Investment Banker is a well-experienced individual that assists several organizations to grow and expand through the process of raising capital, issuing stock, or borrowing money. Moreover, they act as financial advisors to various organization types, guide organizations, and earn an average salary that is up to $77k-240k per year.

Financial Planning Analyst:

Financial Planning Analysts are professionals that actually analyze the current financial situation for an organization or an individual in order to assist them to create strategies that will be of great need ion the future. However, they manage the financial planning of clients, budgeting, and financial forecasting and they earn an average salary that is up to $85,000 per year.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here in this aspect of the article, some of the questions that are frequently asked about 10 High Paying Jobs in Business Administration for you to have more understanding.

What are the highest-paid business administration jobs?

Depending on the industry and your skill set, some of the highest-Paying positions within business administration are Chief Financial Officers (CFOs), Chief Operation Officers (COOs), Chief Executive Officers (CEOs), and Marketing Managers.

What jobs make 6 figures with a business degree?

Below are some highest-paying business jobs you can pursue with a bachelor’s degree.

  • Chief executives.
  • Financial quantitative analyst.
  • Treasures and controllers.
  • Information technology project managers.
  • Investments fund managers.
  • Actuaries.
  • Marketing managers.
  • Regulatory affairs managers.

What are the concentrations in Business Administration?

  • Marketing.
  • Finance.
  • Accounting.
  • Healthcare Management.
  • eCommerce.
  • Human Resources Management.
  • Economics.
  • Computer Information Systems.

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