10 Gadgets that Make You a Nerd

I want to talk about 10 gadgets that make you a nerd simply for the satisfaction of it. Being a nerd isn’t really a bad thing. In fact, it could be so much fun with these gadgets. I can assure you that there was once a time when being a nerd was branded as being not cool at all. But as time went by, nerds seem to be getting much attention.

Maybe it’s just because of the amazing things that technology can now do or the fact that everyone is now dependent on technology. Yes, you heard me right, everyone is now dependent on technology and who better to turn to other than a nerd? Throughout the course of this article, I would be listing 10 gadgets that make you a nerd. You might not even know you’re a nerd yet. If you do have any of the gadgets I would be listing, then you’re a proven nerd.

10 Gadgets that Make you a Nerd
10 Gadgets that Make you a Nerd

10 Gadgets that Make you a Nerd

You may be thinking… What are 10 Gadgets that Make You a Nerd? Well, that’s why I hope to show you in this article. If you have a nerdy friend and don’t quite know what to get them for their birthday, you can buy any of these gadgets for them. Here is a list of 10 gadgets that proves you are a nerd;

  • Gaming Laptop/PC.
  • RGB Mouse.
  • RGB Keyboard.
  • Waterproof Bluetooth Speakers.
  • Virtual Reality.
  • Portable Movie Theater.
  • Wireless Chargers.
  • Smartphone Printer.
  • Smart Instant Translators
  • Smart Assistants (Alexa).

Note that you do not need to have all of the products listed to be a nerd. Having just one or two already proves you’re a nerd. Without further ado, let’s dive into each of them.

Gaming Laptop/PC

Gamers are one of the biggest nerds out there on the planet. Trust me when I say you’ll never find another nerd like a gamer. They can be hooked up on their gaming device for hours without feeling a thing thereby losing track of the outside world. Some even go extreme to spending days hooked on their gaming device.

If you have a gaming PC or laptop, chances are you are a gamer. Even if you aren’t a gamer, the fact that you have a gaming PC or laptop means you use it for techy stuff normal computers can’t handle. Other than that, Gaming computers are really expensive. It proves you are a really big nerd to spend so much on a gadget even if it’s just for fun. This is also one of the biggest gifts you can give to your nerdy friend.

RGB Mouse

Why go for an RGB mouse when you can just buy a regular mouse? Well, I can relate. An RGB mouse comes with a certain design, look, and feel that gives quite an experience when you use it. For a geeky gamer, having the right mouse is the most critical thing in their arsenal. If you aren’t interested in tech stuff, then there’s no way you’re going to spend a sustainable amount of money in purchasing an RGB mouse instead of just getting normal mice. Besides, all this goes to prove is that you like the fancy tech stuff.

RGB Keyboard

Looking for 10 gadgets that make you a nerd? This is a perfect one for you. This is very similar to having an RGB mouse. In fact, most of the people that purchase an RGB mouse and an RGB keyboard are people that already have a gaming PC. The main aim of these devices is to improve the gaming experience which makes gamers spend more onscreen time. Aside from that, RGB keyboards are also quite expensive and respectfully, I really don’t see anyone purchasing these except they are fancy nerds or they have a use for it which also makes them a nerd.

Waterproof Bluetooth Speakers

Waterproof Bluetooth speakers are another one of the 10 gadgets that make you a nerd. Most of us like to bring our music playlist into the shower with us whenever we’re having a bath. Quite honestly, it’s one of the best ways to have a good bath. This is exactly where a waterproof Bluetooth speaker comes in.

All we have to do now is connect our smartphone to it with the help of Bluetooth and we can shower away. These speakers are so good that they can be dropped in water without any harm coming to them. Most of these waterproof speakers usually come with a one-year guarantee. If water gets inside your speaker (which it wouldn’t) within one year of purchase, then you request a replacement or even a refund. That’s how much the producers trust the product they’re selling you.

Virtual Reality

There is no way you would have a virtual reality if you aren’t a nerd. I mean virtual reality really means nerdy in my dictionary. There are tons of virtual reality out there you could possibly have but my favorite is the oculus quest 2. Well, I simply chose that considering the budget and the features you get for your money. If you don’t know what virtual reality is, virtual reality is a simulated experience that gives you the experience of a real-world while you’re actually inside a piece of technology. When I say real-world experience, you move around like you’re in the real world while actually just being inside a room or standing in one spot (with the help of a treadmill). If you have this gadget, there’s no other word to describe you other than a nerd.

Portable Movie Theater

One of the cool gadgets that a nerd could have in their arsenal is a portable movie theater. If you’ve watched “Oz – The Great and Powerful” that’s the feeling you’d be getting with a gadget like this. You may find it hard to believe that you can fit a projector inside of a half-pound cube but it’s actually possible. With the projector inside your cube, you can take the movies with you anywhere you go. Since this is a small device, the average one gives five hours of playback and it can project up to twelve feet away.

Wireless Chargers

Wireless chargers are another one of the 10 gadgets that make you a nerd. Right now, technology is advanced that you can get wireless charging but only with the latest versions of some smartphone companies. Getting this latest device can be really expensive and quite honestly a waste of money if you have no use for the features it provides. If you have a device that supports wireless charging, no kidding, you are a smartphone nerd which still counts as a nerd.

Smartphone Printer

Why would anyone have a smartphone printer? Let me tell you why… only nerds do. With the upgrade in smartphone technologies nowadays, we all have good cameras in our hands. Sometimes we take a lot of pictures and wish to print them without hassles, that’s where this device comes in. The rate at which smartphone printers print your pictures is actually attractive. Apart from what this device allows you to do, just having it around and doing some stuff out in the open with it would make literally everyone think you’re cool and a nerdy one.

Smart Instant Translators

I honestly don’t see why a regular person would have a smart language translator in their backpack. These devices are only used by techy people who love to travel or those who do international business. Just imagine a scenario where you don’t understand what a person is saying, then you just pull out a device, suddenly you’re communicating fluently with the person. Doesn’t that make you look cool even in your eyes? For me, it’s YES!!!

Smart Assistants (Alexa)

Smart assistants have really advanced over the years. Almost if not every smartphone now has smart virtual assistants built in them. Smart assistants are software installed inside a device that helps perform certain tasks for you. Most of them can be used to search for information on the internet and return a reply. Alexa is one of such amazing smart assistants among others. If you have any smart assistant device in your home or office which you make use of, then you’re obviously a nerd.


I hope this article “10 gadgets that make you a nerd” helped prove you are a nerd if you are actually a nerd. There’s no shame in being a nerd, it’s something to be proud of. I hope to see you again soon… Thanks. PS: Any of the items listed here can be bought on Amazon or any other trusted online vendor.

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