10 Career Choices for Science Majors

In this present time, science is a very important field and in this blog post, you will get valid information on the 10 Career Choices for Science Majors. Having a science career is actually a great option and students need to consider this due to the fact that they can be able to improve, help, and develop the life of people.

10 Career Choices for Science Majors

The ability to find a career that will be of great benefit in the science field will certainly take a lot of time and good research. Moreover, the world is actually not complete without scientists and there are lots of tasks that are been done by scientists to improve the world into a better one, and as you read further you will get more information on various career choices for science majors.

10 Career Choices for Science Majors
10 Career Choices for Science Majors

Forensic Specialist:

Forensic Specialists are also referred to as Forensic Specialists and they are individuals that are well experienced that help to make investigations on crimes through the collection and analysis of evidence. They are specialized in laboratory analysis or investigations for crime scenes and some of their basic duties involve preserving and documenting evidence, performing tests analyzing the evidence, and most importantly reporting the information or results that they have gotten.

Meanwhile, these individuals earn an average salary of about $39,870 – $42,652 per year.

Laboratory technician:

A Laboratory technician is a professional that assists scientists in the diagnosis and treatment of diseases. They are known for performing practical hands-on work tasks in laboratories and some of their responsibilities include performing tests on blood, tissue, and other body fluids, designing and executing lab tests and they earn an average salary of $25-$60 per hour.

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Due to the fact that chemistry is an important field of science that has its focuses based chemical substances and their interaction with one another, there are individuals that study chemistry who are called chemists. Moreover, there some of their duties are the preparation of test solutions, compounds, and reagents, analyzing organic and inorganic compounds, and development and customization of new products and they earn an average salary of about $57k-100k per year


A Biologist is an individual who is well-experienced and is focused on the study of animals, humans, plants, or even bacteria in order to develop valid knowledge and an understanding of living processes. This set of individuals makes use of information for a wide variety of purposes like sustaining natural environments or treating diseases they earn an average salary of about $15-39 per hour.


Epidemiologists are regarded as health professionals that make investigations into the cause of diseases and injuries in humans. Moreso, some of their responsibilities include overseeing public health programs, directing studies, and planning and evaluating health safety standards and programs and they earn an average salary of about $63k – 120k per year.

Research Scientist:

Research scientists are well-experienced professionals that carry out tasks like the design and analyzing information that was gotten from laboratory investigations, trials, and experiments. However, some of their responsibilities such as overseeing public health programs, investigating diseases and parasites, and planning and directing studies and they are open to earning an average salary of about $47k-150k per year.

Environmental Scientist:

Environmental Scientists are specialized individuals that make research on environmental and health problems in order to find the cause and problems solutions that will fix them. Moreso, the purpose of their research is to increase the understanding of the world and also offer solutions that will manage the problems and their average salary is about $45k-110 per year.


Archaeologists are professionals who study, analyze, and also get recent and prehistoric human past through excavating and interpreting objects and also historical sites. Meanwhile, they carry out several duties like performing archival research and making presentations to the public and they earn a salary that is up to $37k-100k per year.

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Geologists are individuals that study the processes of the earth like floods, landslides, earthquakes, and volcanic eruptions for the purpose of surveying the land and also creating safe building plans. Moreso, through the tasks that they perform metals and minerals, are been investigated, as also the findings of natural gas like water, oil, and also methods of extracting. Well, they earn an average salary of about $47k-120k per year.

Senior Scientist:

Senior scientists are professionals that design and conduct studies for the purpose of investigating human diseases, and preparing and analyzing medical samples, and also data. Moreover, they have responsibilities that include preparing and analyzing samples and data on the cause of diseases and treatment of disease and their salary is about $130k-190k per year.


This section of the article will be providing some of the frequent questions that are been asked about 10 Career Choices for Science Majors for you to be more enlightened.

What is the top science career to look for in 2023?

Below are some of the top science careers to consider in 2023.

  • Physicist.
  • Chemist.
  • Astronomer.
  • Spacetech.
  • Geology.
  • Geoscientists.
  • Data Analyst.
  • Atmospheric Researchers.

What are the branches of science?

Stated below are the branches of science that are available.

  • Physics.
  • Chemistry.
  • Earth science.
  • Space science.
  • Biochemistry.
  • Microbiology.
  • Botany.
  • Zoology.

What are the three main areas of a science career?

Science is a broad career field with many specialists and areas of study. Moreso, the three main branches of science are physical science, earth science, and life science, and they each have different career applicants.

Is it good to major in science?

Earning a science degree can lead to a successful career in multiple fields, including in non-specific areas like management, engineering, manufacturing, energy, and others. Meanwhile, most science degrees and science-related careers require specific technical and analytical skills.

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