10 Career Choices for Engineering

Engineering is actually a good career path for students and graduates that have acquired a degree and, in this blog, you will get information on 10 Career Choices for Engineering for you to explore. Moreso, lots of engineering degrees are open to students depending on the type their want to study and the amount of education they are willing to receive.

10 Career Choices for Engineering

Engineering actually has a wide category and there are several career prospects that are related to it that you can consider. However, there are each degree programs that are assigned to working in any field that is available, and as you read to the end of this article you will get valid information on career choices for engineering.

10 Career Choices for Engineering
10 Career Choices for Engineering

Mechanical Engineering:

Mechanical Engineering is actually known to be the establishment of machines or mechanical systems. Moreso, students that are able to acquire a degree as a mechanical engineer are open to considering pursuing several careers that include automotive engineering, technology specialists, aerospace engineering, biomedical engineering, or construction engineering. Well, this career has its focuses based on foundational knowledge like mathematics, physics, and electrical engineering and they earn a salary of about $29.21 to $57.78 per hour and $60,750 to $120,180 per year.

Structural Engineering:

Structural Engineering is also described as a civil engineering type and they are known to have their focus on the development and constriction of several structures like commercial buildings and homes. Moreso, they are also known for carrying out tasks like creating drawings and specifications, performing calculations, writing reports and evaluations, and most importantly taking observations on construction sites. Going further, they earn a yearly salary of about $79.041 per year.

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Chemical Engineering:

Chemical Engineering is a job carried out by an experienced individual who has an involvement in the development and designing of chemical manufacturing processes. Going further, this set of experienced Individuals is known for having tasks involvement such as applying principles of chemistry, physics, biology, and most importantly maths, for the purpose of solving problems that will certainly bring about the use of fuels, chemicals, drugs, food, and several other products. Well, they are open to earning an annual salary of about $65k-$130k per year.

Civil Engineering:

Civil Engineering is actually known to be a professional engineering discipline that has its focuses on the design, construction, and maintenance of the physical environment that has been naturally built like canals, bridges, dams, airports sewage systems, roads, and more. However, it is actually open to students to get either an associate, bachelor’s, master’s, or doctorate degree in this field of engineering. Meanwhile, they earn an average salary of about $59k-$120k per year.

Computer Engineering:

Computer Engineering is regarded as the designing and application of computer systems and individuals who get involved fuses electrical engineering and computer science for the purpose of developing new technology. Furthermore, they carry out tasks like designing, building, and maintaining hardware in modern computers and they earn an average yearly salary of about $51k-$140 per year.

Aerospace Engineering:

In simple terms, Aerospace Engineering is actually known as the study of flight and it is also regarded as the primary field of engineering that has its focus based on the design, development, testing, and production of aircraft and spacecraft. Moreover, most of these professionals are employed in industries whose workers design or build aircraft, missiles, and systems for national defense, or spacecraft and their average yearly salary is up to $77k to $110k per year.

Architectural Engineering:

Architectural Engineering is also regarded as building engineering and it involves the application of practical and theoretical knowledge to the engineering design of buildings and other building systems. Well, its main focus on the study of building designs, and students can be able to get a degree in architectural engineering at any level such as a bachelor’s, master’s, and doctorate.

Meanwhile, this career choice is actually beneficial in several ways and the average is about $105,163 per year and $50.56 per hour.

Biomedical Engineering:

Biomedical Engineering is actually described in simple terms as the combination of technology and medicine and also the application of engineering principles and concepts of design to medicine and biology for healthcare purposes. Moreover, any student that is involved in this field and has obtained a degree is known to study new advancements in medical technology, like diagnostic imaging devices or artificial organs. Moreso, they earn an average salary that is up to $560k-$120k per year.

Engineering Management:

Engineering Management is simply regarded as a well-specialized management form that bios needed to successfully lead engineering or technical personnel and projects to apply either project management or functional management. Moreso, in order for students to enroll they are required to earn a bachelor’s degree in engineering. Well, their salary for a year is about $120k – $170k per year.

Environmental Engineering:

Environmental Engineering is experienced individuals that ensure they make use of principles of engineering, soil sconce, biology, and chemistry for the purpose of developing solutions to environmental problems. In simple terms, they are engineers that apply science and technology for the improvement of the environment.

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Going further, with these individuals work are been done to improve recycling, waste disposal, public health, and water and air pollution control. Well, they earn an average salary of about $57k-130k per year.

Frequently Asked Questions

This aspect of the article will be providing some of the frequent questions that are been asked about 10 Career Choices for Engineering for you to have more understanding.

What are some cool things that engineers do?

  • Engineers design cool buildings.
  • They design roller coasters.
  • They design special effects for movies.
  • They create new toys.
  • They invent new food.
  • They create state-of-the-art sports equipment.
  • They design space shuttles and other space vehicles.

What is a career in engineering?

A career in engineering is a job that involves the designing and development of structures, products, and systems and also collecting information for mapping and other purposes.

What are the types of engineering?

In broad terms, engineering can be divided into four main categories and they include chemical, civil, electrical, and mechanical engineering.

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