10 Career Choices for Business Administration Majors

The business actually allows lots of individuals to explore opportunities and in this article, you will get valid information on 10 Career Choices for Business Administration Majors. Moreover, there are several career prospects that are available for individuals that have acquired a degree in the field of business administration that will certainly be of great benefit.

10 Career Choices for Business Administration Majors

Business Administrators always have different meanings and that is depending on how it is being used. While to some it is referred to as a college degree program that can teach basic business principles and practices. In the work environment, it refers to a company’s efforts in order to achieve organizational goals and objectives through improved use of human and material resources.

10 Career Choices for Business Administration Majors
10 Career Choices for Business Administration Majors


Accountants are based on the reviewing of financial records of several companies that they work for or either their clients. Moreover, they also analyze financial data, repost, and also budgets in order to possibly measure success. Well, they are very important in the sector of business administration and they earn an average salary of about $36k-120k per year.

Business Consultant:

Business Consultants are involved in the recommendation of strategies for the improvement of efficiency and also boost of revenue. Moreso, they also work with managers for the purpose of implementing organizational changes that tend to actually reduce costs, boost productivity and increase profits. Moreso, they earn an average yearly salary of about $39k-120k per year.

Chief Executive Officer (CEO):

Chief Executive Officers (CEO) are regarded as the most senior executives in the company and they are involved in the collaboration with boards of directors in order to create long-term goals for several organizations. Some of their duties include the management of the overall resources of the company and they earn a yearly salary of about $110k-350k per year.

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Data Analyst:

Data analysts are specialized professionals that collect market research or sales numbers and then translate them into information that several organizations can understand. Going further, the data that are acquired are then used in the development of strategic plans which will certainly help lots of businesses make more informed decisions and they earn an average salary that is up to $40k-130k per year.

Director of Operations:

The Director of Operations is well-experienced personnel that oversees and also encourages the growth and profitability of several organizations. Meanwhile, they carry out several responsibilities which include staff management, and supervision of either the department or the goods production process. They are certainly needed in an organization to help with daily activities and they earn an average salary of about $58k-160k per year.

Financial Analyst:

Financial Analysts are well-experienced Individuals that gather and analyze business data for the purpose of making recommendations. Going further, this set of individuals ensures that they make use of models for the purpose of forecasting the investment performance of assets like stocks and bonds. Moreso, they are open to working in manufacturing, mutual funds, pension funds, banks, insurance companies, and brokerage firms, and they earn about $53k-110k per year.

Human Resources Specialist:

Human Resources Specialists are involved in the handling of all personnel-related functions and also the recruiting, screening, interviewing, and hiring of candidates that are qualified and also trained staff. Well, their role is very important and they earn a yearly salary of about $69,360 per year.


Actuaries are known to be professionals that usually assess the financial risk of several business operations and they make use of mathematics, statistics, and concepts in finances in order to review uncertainty in areas that are linked to insurance and pension programs. Going further, they are open to working for several organizations like bank consulting firms, hospitals, or the federal or local government and they earn an annual salary of about $55k-130k per year.

Business Manager:

Business Managers are individuals who actually oversee the regular day-to-day business operations of several companies. Moreso, they also collaborate with the executives and employees of companies in order to direct the resources of the organizations for the main purpose of achieving goals and objectives. Also, they are known for hiring trained staff, working with management in order to design short-term and long-term plans, and also negotiating contracts. Well, they are very essential in the business sector and they earn an average salary of about $53k-110k per year.

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Chief Operating Officer (COO):

Chief Operating Officers (COO) are actually experienced individuals that carry out certain tasks that include running the daily operations and administrations of various companies at a level that is regarded as strategic. Going further these individuals are known to be the brains behind the implementation of long-term plans of a company based on its business model. Well, they actually work together with CEOs of a company and they earn an average salary of about $81k-190k per year.


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What are examples of business majors?

Listed below are some examples of business majors.

  • Accounting.
  • Finance.
  • Marketing.
  • Real Estate.
  • Business Communications.
  • Real Estate.
  • Human Resources Management.
  • International Business.
  • Business Administration and Management.

What is a business administration major good for?

With a degree in business administration, you may be able to make your career as an account, administrative services manager, financial analyst, health services manager, HR specialist, market research analyst, or marketing manager.

What does a business major do?

A business degree prepares graduates for careers in many industries, including healthcare, marketing, information technology, and financial services.

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